The State of Affairs

Run by students for everyone

About us

At The State of Affairs we stimulate conversation by bringing together leading figures, digging into topical affairs, and hearing from those at the heart of the issue.

By combining a journalistic approach with scientific rigour, The State of Affairs aims to bridge the gap between the world of academia and the world of reality. In addition, the society looks to highlight and explore the  tangibility of the cutting-edge, engaging research by professors and academics in the constantly shifting world.

State of Affairs was founded in 2021 by 3 University of St. Andrews students.

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For students: why join The State of Affairs?

Challenge yourself

At The State of Affairs you are part of a larger team aiming to create high quality content. You choose your own subjects, whether they be global-scale events or important local issues, you will dig into current affairs, and discover interesting views on important topics from the experts at the heart of the issue.

Become part of a community

Be inspired by the highly driven students in the society, and work together towards a common goal of driving conversations forward, together. State of Affairs was once just an idea – bring your own ideas and experiences to the table, and be apart of a unique process.

enhance your CV/experience

Gain key skills as an interviewer and broaden your knowledge about central issues in society and a wide variety of interesting topics. Develop your public-speaking and communication skills, network with your chosen fields leading minds, and learn to ask relevant questions at the right time.

A word from the founders

I hope that the society will bridge the gap between academia and reality, making academic theories come to life for students. I aspire that the society also provides more opportunities for students to gain relevant skills, through an interesting job as an interviewer.

Charlotte de Heus

What excites me most about the society is its open-ended nature: members can choose their own direction and briefings, shedding light on the issues which matter most to them. The interviews will act as a portal, connecting students to international figures and industry experts.

Isaac Stables

I’m excited to see the society highlight the overlooked and shifting global issues and dynamics. St. Andrews is an extraordinarily international, outward-looking university and we hope to bring energy and interest to our interviews.

Matthew Chandler de Waal